Susan Kullman

"Working with Neha at Bizhawkz is a wonderful experience as her and her team are very trust worthy, timely and creative. I've gone through many web design changes over the years of working with them and I am constantly satisfied and very well supported. I highly recommend them."

Jean Adrienne

"My experience with Bizhawkz has been outstanding. These folks are fast and accurate with their work. They meet or exceed every commitment and they continually exceed my expectations of them! I am thrilled to have them as my virtual assistants and web development partners!"

Monique Wells

"I've entrusted the management of the "back-end" of my numerous Websites to Bizhawkz for several years now and have complete confidence in their work. I have also engaged them to do graphics work and transcriptions and have been thoroughly pleased with the results. The group is conscientious, quick to respond and concerned about quality."

Stephanie Pedersen

"I have been working with Bizhawkz for several years now and just adore them. I am a nutritionist, speaker, health educator and author. I am also a mom of three very busy sons. In other words, I do not have a lot of time. Bizhawkz is what allows me to do all these things successfully. I just don't have the time to create websites, update webpages, program tweets, make facebook banners, design pdfs, implement an affiliate program, deal with scheduling newsletters, run my telesummits and more."

Bill Flocco

"I would like to share my thoughts about Mohit and the wonderful job he has been doing. I want to express my appreciation to you and your company for having Mohit work with me and I thank you and Mohit for the wonderful job done on the website and the pleasure it always is to work with him."

Scott Parisi

"I have been working with Bizhawkz since October of 2008 when I launched an informational website. Since then we have become a leading voice in the Green Hospitality Industry. The work that Amit, Vandana, Devender and the rest of the team has done to support our online identity, security and searchability has shown wonderful results."